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Stanislaus River

A 65-mile-long waterway in Modesto, CA with a route from the Sierra Nevada Foothills to San Joaquin River in the easternmost part of the Central Valley of northern California is the ever-beautiful Stanislaus River.

The Stanislaus River in Modesto, California is a recreational site for all ages. It’s family-friendly rafting trips on the water in Oakdale and Knights Ferry. Adventure seekers may find the award-winning whitewater rafting trips on the North Fork of the Stanislaus. This river is also offering great trails and areas for hikes, amazing flora and fauna, a variety of areas where you can fish, and even an extensive parking system that is free to the public.

The Stanislaus River is a haven for active go-getter people who are looking for a water recreation right in the Central Valley of Northern California. There are multiple different Stanislaus River rafting trips that exist that range from mild to wild intensity, as well as park system on the river, has created great areas solely for kayaking, fishing, hiking, and camping for the public to enjoy. A large variety of wildlife can be seen on the river.

Whether you want to go on an adventure by yourself or maybe with your entire family, or just maybe a chill Sunday lowkey picnic on the riverside, Stanislaus River of Modesto is there to cater to everything that you imagine. EZ Modesto Junk Removal


The lower area of Stanislaus River has an extensive Park system that is well maintained and very much open for public use. Knights Ferry Recreation Area where you can set up picnic tables and great BBQ sites, river access, extensive hiking trails, and access to the oldest cover bridge on the west part of the Mississippi River. It is also the home to the Army Corps of Engineers to the local museum which includes local history displays as well as the local floral and fauna. This is a great place to spend an afternoon for a relaxing day along the river.

Orange Blossom Park is a grassy park that is also free to the public and is located only 5 minutes east of Oakdale, CA. This Park is a common recreational boar use area which is also a location for many commercial rafting trips.


Right below the Orange Blossom Park is a commercial rafting area that is less common. Although the river continues in a stable flow to the confluence of the San Joaquin River. This section of the Orange Blossom area is friendly for rafting, as the winds throughout this area are beautiful and have multiple access points for parking, relaxing, and picnics.

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