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Storage Unit Cleanouts

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Owners opt for offsite storage units when there is limited space in their homes. Businesses, government organizations, nonprofits, independent contractors, flea markets, and people rent on-site storage facilities. While these units add to your storage space, they also contribute to your responsibility. Offsite storage facilities require regular cleaning, organization, and the removal of unwanted items.

Our Storage unit cleanout is perfect when additional storage is not required. The service can also be integrated into routine maintenance.

Our Professional Storage Unit Cleanout

We offer a cleanout cleaning service for storage units that can be customized to maximize cost-efficiency. We start every cleanout by conducting a visual inspection of the storage unit. The evidence collected during the inspection is incorporated into a bespoke cleanout strategy. Each storage space needs an individual cleanout strategy, depending on the area, quantity of junk, location, and demolition.

As mentioned previously, we initiate each storage unit cleanout by conducting an inspection. With the inspection evidence in hand, our junk elimination team can start creating a plan of action that will not harm our environment when the junk gets disposed of as per the local regulations for waste disposal.

After an inspection, one of our junk removal specialists provides the customer with a no-cost written estimate.

  • The customer schedules an appointment with the storage unit manager for a cleanout consultation.
  • Before the appointment, technicians inspect the storage unit to identify the most affordable junk removal method.
  • The technician will provide the customer with several junk removal strategies. The client chooses one, and then the technician gives a written estimate for the work.
  • A time slot is set for a storage facility cleanout at a different time
  • On the appointment day, the cleanout team arrives approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled time
  • The team starts the cleanout by taking the items that are stored piece by piece
  • With all the items outside the storage unit, the owner must choose which items to keep and which items to discard
  • The storage area is cleaned, mopped, vacuumed, and ventilated
  • The items are then organized and put back in the storage unit
  • The majority of junk items are put in the bed of our work trucks and taken to a local garbage dump, recycling center, or charity

Junk Disposal Options

Consumers have a variety of disposal options to use. Based on your feelings about the greenhouse gas emissions that are a part of life, eco-friendly may be your best disposal method. Regardless of the technique, the junk removal process is time-consuming and exhausting work.

Our junk disposal choices include:

  • Donate to local charities or a family in need, or any other non-profit organization
  • Drop off at a local garbage dump or dump for disposal
  • Donate to a neighbor, friend, family member, or another acquaintance
  • Pick up at the curbside to get free pickup
  • Recycle items that are approved that can be used for other reasons

DIY Storage Unit Junk Removal

If consumers do not have the means to dispose of junk, we’re always there to help. We have a fleet of large work trucks, a group of junk removal specialists, and equipment specifically designed to lift heavy, bulky items. Do-it-yourself junk removal and disposal services can be an option for those living on a fixed income.

  • Place small-to-medium-sized junk pieces in the back of your car or truck bed.
  • Large amounts of junk can require additional labor and can be acquired by enlisting the help of friends and relatives.
  • Transport junk to an authorized landfill or a recycling center, drop it off for charity, or municipality waste transfer facility.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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