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Boomers Modesto

A privately-owned company by six family entertainment centers and two water parks that are located in New Jersey, Florida, and Modesto, California. The Boomers Park offers the best-of-the-best outdoor entertainments assets that are operated with a commitment to delivering great values that exceed everyone’s expectations, to the communities that they serve and guaranteed focus and commitment to excellence. The Park’s mission is to bring everyone through a spontaneous and unforgettable time of their lives.

Aside from the amazing experience, you will earn with them, Boomers Park is also a great place to work. From tickets to the foodservice, ride operators to office staff. Working at Boomers makes sure that you will have a great way to gain valuable working experience, earn extra money and make new friends in a fun, energetic, and exciting work environment.

Things to Do


Lil’ Thunder Rookie Go-Karts

 For little speed junkies that are under 58’ tall, the Rookie Go-Karts is available to cater to your kids’ craving for a little speed and engaging activities. They can feel like the wind brush through their hair. Everything is perfectly secure and safe. Give the kids an adventure that they will surely remember.

Miniature Golf EZ Modesto Junk Removal

One of the reasons why their Miniature Golf Course has been popular for more than a century is because it offers a wide variety of challenges for any age to enjoy. The lush green area, wacky windmills, and wild water features are one of the things that you will find.

Bumper Boats

Experience their Bumper Boats for your kids to have more fun than boarding just one of their bumper boats. Each boat comes with its own water cannon and a full speed ahead for a broadside collision. The bumper boats are easy to manipulate so no need to worry about that.

Laser Tag

The infamous high-tech game of tag is available in Boomers, Modesto. This game lets you enter a black-light battleground where everyone is armed with light phasers. Remember to keep your eyes open and your head down because, in this game, the hunter also becomes to be the hunted. A vibrating chest plate notifies you if you have been tagged. A computer records your score and it tells who wins and who doesn’t. After each game, the team can see who the ultimate Lazer Tag champion is.


Be the leader of your own battle group into a space shootout of cataclysmic proportion. Games like snowboarding, basketball, big-time sports, and whatever you can imagine virtual reality inside the Game Room. Win tickets and claim instant grand prizes.


Address: 4215 Bangs Ave, Modesto, CA

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