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Mattress Disposal & Recycling

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An old mattress will only last a few months of comfort. When it’s worn out, you’re not going to have a restful night’s rest. You’ll toss and turn. You’ll also wake up exhausted and with a stiff back. If you’re experiencing these problems, It’s time to get rid of your old mattress. Contact us at our office so that our junk expert can bring it to an appropriate recycling facility for you.

Convenient Mattress Disposal Services In Your City

You can rest assured that we provide convenient and reliable mattress removal services in your area. We’ve dealt with unneeded mattresses for an extended period of period. We can handle or transport, as well as eliminate, these items more effectively than any other. If you trust us, you can assure us that we’ll do more and beyond to meet your expectations. Call our local office to learn more about our mattress removal services.

Can I Donate My Old Mattress?

In many instances, it is possible to give away your old mattress. However, it is essential to ensure that the bed is appropriate for another. If it is in good condition without stains or tears, someone else will be content to receive it. It can be donated to a person in need or donated to a local nonprofit.

What About Bedbug-Infested Mattresses?

Unfortunately, bedbugs have become quite a problem in our city. There is a risk that your mattress may be the home of hundreds or even many thousands of bed bugs. If this is the case, you might be hesitant about getting rid of them by contacting us. Don’t worry about it. Tell us about it during your initial call. We’ll schedule a pest control professional to treat this mattress before we treat it. After that, we’ll eliminate the mattress in the same way we do. You could also put a bedbug mattress cover around the mattress. Doing so will prevent any bedbugs from being able to escape.

Can You Recycle An Old Mattress?

Recycling old mattresses is always an excellent idea. They typically contain 90% of the components that are recyclable and reused. It is more beneficial for the environment to reuse the mattressCall us so we can bring it to the recycling facility for you.

Which Parts Can Be Recycled?

Mattresses are made up of many parts, including a wood frame and fabric and stuffing and springs made of steel. It’s good to know that all of these components can be recycled. Remember that your usual recycling service won’t remove it. We will. We can transport your mattress and take it to any recycled facility of your choosing.

Why Is Recycling The Mattress Better For The Environment?

Recycling mattresses is more beneficial since it will ensure that the bed doesn’t end up in the trash. In addition, many of the components can be taken from the bed and used for other purposes. It is always advisable to recycle old mattresses.

When Should You Buy A New Mattress?

You’re likely to be a fan of your old mattress. Nevertheless, you’ll need to eliminate it when one or more of the following occurs.

  • The mattress is for those who are eight years or older.
  • It makes loud noises as you walk on it.
  • As you lay down on it, you sink to the middle.
  • When you get up, you have an aching back.
  • You’re not getting good sleep.
  • There is an unnatural sag in the mid-way between the mattresses.
  • The mattress is making your allergies worse.

Replace the mattress and let us remove the bed that was previously used for you.

Old Mattresses & Allergy Problems

Your mattress could make your allergy problems worse. Therefore, you should get in touch with us. We can get rid of numerous old mattresses, such as box springs, platform beds, foam mattresses, etc.

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