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Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center

Aquatic Dreams have opened in December 1991 at Modesto, California and throughout the years of operations, Aquatic Dreams have grown to be the leading training and equipment facility in central California. With their improvements to their new facility in 1999, they have added a diving community of 8,000 square foot training facility that includes a large showroom, cylinder hydrostatic testing facility, rental department, equipment repair, and onsite indoor heated pool. Their vision is to give every person an opportunity whoever walks through their door a part of the Aquatic Dreams’ Family by providing a lifestyle through adventure, education, and travel.

The Aquatic Dreams mission is to be at the premier dive center in the state of California by giving the highest quality superior, education, high-quality equipment, and customer service that are all under the same roof. With their commitment to quality of powerful opportunities for customers as well their employees in fulfilling their visions and offer a lifestyle for new adventures through the aquatic realm.

The foundation of their success is rooted in using quality products and services for the proper organization of their ideas into plans of action. They are a high-spirited, energetic and fun organization that will surely lift everyone’s spirits and interests in marine biodiversity.

Swim Lessons

The Aquatic Dreams Modesto Team is excited to offer their swimming program. They cannot wait to teach your kid to swim and bring fun and brightness to everyone’s lives. Their swimming program consists of five levels that meet two times a week to four weeks. Your children can guarantee that they will be better swimmers after the completion of their levels. Students must master each level before proceeding to the next one.

The skills that your child will master at each level will be:

  • Mommy and me – 6 months to 3 years. The foundation of our Mommy and Me program is a set of basic skills that prepares infants and young children to become comfortable in the water so they are willing and ready to learn to swim.
  • Level 1 Blowing bubbles, submerging their head, floats, glide, front kicks, beginning freestyle arms, jumps, and sit dives. EZ Modesto Junk Removal
  • Level 2 Streamline kicking on the front, side breathing, freestyle, streamline kick on back, elementary backstroke, feet first jumping and kneel diving.
  • Level 3 Full lap of freestyle, full lap of streamline kick on back, backstroke arms, rotary breathing, feet first jumping in the deep end, and standing dives.
  • Level 4 Two continuous laps of freestyle, two continuous laps of backstroke, breaststroke kicks to a competitive level, butterfly kicks at a competitive level, somersaults, standing dives, and racing dives.
  • Level 5 More than two continuous laps of freestyle, more than two continuous laps of backstroke, two or more laps of breaststroke, two or more laps of butterfly, flip turns, standing dives, and racing dives.

Address: 1212 Kansas Ave, Modesto, CA

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