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Downtown Modesto

Downtown Modesto has through so much revitalization over the year when it comes to transforming into a vibrant destination for dining, entertainment, shopping, and culture. A combination of historic buildings and new establishments that overlooks the pedestrian-friendly streets of this very charming and vibrant historic downtown district in Modesto, California. Visitors come and go to Modesto to experience the city’s local landmarks such as the State Theater, Modesto Arch, the flower clock, and the Gallo Center for the Art, while simultaneously checking out the storefronts or taking seats to one of the restaurants and coffeehouses.

Visiting the downtown area means planning a stop at the widely famous Farmers’ Markets in the whole Modesto, California. This 33-year-old Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market is open from 7 am to 1 pm every Thursday and Saturday through November 19 and then three Saturdays of December. The market offers fresh from the farm fruits and vegetables, eggs, different kinds of cheese, baked goods, and an assortment of specialty products. Shoppers can also bear witness to live entertainment and demonstrations during their visit.

At present, Modesto is serving as the regional retail center that draws shoppers through the northern San Joaquin Valley. The city’s growth during recent years has bolstered its position as the hub for a wide variety of shopping experiences of Stanislaus County. The annual taxable sales reach about $7.1 billion. The impressive figures due to Modesto’s rapid population growth made it continue to attract retailers to have an area to capitalize on the active market scene.

Downtown Modesto has up to 40 shopping centers that serve the city and including the Vintage Faire Mall that is over 115 shops, a variety of services, and cozy cafes. The McHenry Village also has varieties of necessary features such as shops and restaurants. EZ Modesto Junk Removal

Downtown is also the home of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce that is in the middle of revitalization as a retail store, entertainment, and government facility. Tenth Street Place is offering the Brenden Theater movie complex restaurants and retail shops.

Public art is also being enhanced to create a more charming appearance of the city. If you visit Lucas Plaza, you will see the beautiful American Graffiti art and a bronze sculpture by a local artist named Belly Saletta in honoring Modesto’s nostalgic “cruise” that pays a tribute to Modesto’s most famous son named George Lucas, the person behind the Star Wars franchise and other blockbuster film success.

The dining experience in Modesto, CA is no problem because it hosts more than 200 gourmet restaurants, delis, pubs, coffeehouses, and other dining establishments. Local eateries serve up an eclectic food selection like American classics, seafood, steak, pizza, and other California cuisine.

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