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Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market

Modesto Certified Farmers Market is the place where the locals go for their fresh products, unique artisan goods, and delicious food. One convenient downtown location where you can support local farmers and in exchange for healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables.

The Modesto Certified Farmers Market of Modesto, California began from a humble beginning in 1979. A farmer and then-Mayor Peggy Mensinger brought freshly produced that were purchased directly to the community long before “But Fresh, Buy Local” became a well-known phrase and 40 years later, they are still on the same purpose; which is to bring the farmer and consumer help together, cutting out the middle and allows the freshest possible goods to go from farm to table.

MCFM boasts itself on their giving back to the community practices. Every month they host family activities such as kid’s crafts, raffles, special holidays, and plenty of giveaway events at the markets. The activities they host are completely free to join because they believe that the farmer’s market is for everyone.

What’s at the Market?

Bloomingcamp Ranch (Thursday and Saturday) Category: Bakery

 This is a well-recognized area for it brings a smile to many people’s faces because they can reminisce about all the mouthwatering desserts that are produced at Bloomingcamp Ranch.

Bolani, Co. (Thursday and Saturday) Category: Cold/Packaged Food

 Dedicated to delivering the tastiest flatbread and sauces, wholesome and healthy ingredients and full of natural flavors

Buster’s Butler (Thursday and Saturday)

 Holistic pet treats

Burch Bees (Thursday and Saturday) Category: Certified Agriculture

 Local, Raw Honey

Chinchiolo Farms (Saturday) Category: Organic, Certified Agriculture

 An organic and conventional fruit selection such as apples, plums, and cherries

California Country – Category: Artisan

 They offer beautiful handmade sustainable products such as beeswax food wraps, no paper towel-towels, reusable produce bags and so much more. EZ Modesto Junk Removal

Cipponeri Family Farm (Saturday) Category: Agriculture

 They specialize in stone fruit although they carry dried fruit and neat throughout the year and sell them on a variety of other fruit at their market.

Crumbles Baker (Thursday and Saturday) Category: Bakery

 They specialize in delicious homemade granola bars and cookies

Dale’s Gourmet Kettle Popcorn (Thursday and Saturday) Category: Cold/Packaged 

 A family-owned business that uses a variety of popcorn that produces large fluffy kernels that result in the most addicting kettle corn everyone will ever taste.

Edith’s Gourmet Baking Co. (Thursday and Friday) Category: Bakery

 Scratch baked goodies that are born, bred, and baked in Modesto. All of their items are produced and packaged by hand and are fresh for the farmer’s markets.

And so much more!


Address: 1522 H St, Modesto, CA

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