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McHenry Museum  

Located at Modesto, California, McHenry Museum is a regional history museum in this grand former library that was built in 1912. The museum’s name came from Oramil McHenry who passed away in 1906. When he died, he left a $20,000 estate and stakes in three city lota that was designated for construction of a public library to the residents of Modesto. The new library was built in 1911 and have been evolved into the McHenry Museum that we now know today.

The construction began in January of 1912 and have been continuously developing until its completion in April 1912. In April 29,1912 it opened its doors to selected visitors after the City of Modesto formally took in possession of the building. The official opening of the McHenry Library to the general public was May 1, 1912.

The McHenry Library never stopped in serving the citizens of Modesto until the new library building became available in one block north in 1917. A vacant building with a very vibrant history that needs to be preserved until eternity. Individuals and organization already anticipated the importance of a museum and art center. EZ Modesto Junk Removal

The museum is continuing in configurating until 2003 when the Aet League changed its quarter and the museum can able to utilize the entirety of the building and that also meant that remodeling needs to be in the basement to renovate it to become an art gallery into a museum.

The McHenry Museum and Historical Society

The first ever organized “historical societies” had appear during mid 1960s when the Citizens’ Cultural Center Committee had to tie a knot and be affiliated with the City of Modesto. In 1966 the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors was formed and both of these organizations had an overlap interest when it comes to documenting, preserving and collecting Sanislaus Country/ Modesto History.

During the early 1970 the City of Modesto partnered with the Citizens Cultural Center Committee so they could renovate the vacant space of McHenry Library and rename it to McHenry Museum. This aims to give their collections, artifacts and historical memorabilia accessible for public viewing. McHenry Museum was officially opened in 1972.


The McHEnry Museum is open for donation for those who are generous to give some of their help in maintaining and continuous improvements when it comes to preserving and maintaining everything that makes the museum still standing. You can go through here to give your donations.


Address: 1402 I St, Modesto, CA

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