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East La Loma Park

A new playground is located in Modesto, California in East La Loma Park. It has been popular with families. Up to 5 dozen children, grandparents, parents, and other family members are making East La Loma Park a gathering area during Thursday afternoons. The adults usually sat on benched or set up picnic blankets on the glass and just watch their kids play. Many of the visitors appear to practice physical distancing.

Modesto has removed the old playground in2017 due to its aging equipment and its safety hazard, and the city did not readily have enough funding for a new park. Thankfully, the La Loma Neighborhood Association affiliated with the city through its Park Partners Program to request a new one. The neighborhood group raised $55,00 to purchase and install playground equipment and $35,000 in in-kind donations from volunteers as well as local companies.

Modesto contributed $110.000 for the playground from its design, work, and equipment, construction, and inspections.



  • One Rentable Picnic Area
  • Maximum Capacity is ninety-six (96) people per section
  • Two (2) double-rack barbeques and two (2) small barbeques
  • Rental fee is $90per day
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Court
  • Concrete Volleyball Court
  • Disc Golf

What are the People Saying?

East La Loma received a 4.3 star from 752 reviews.

“I was surprised with the new children’s playground. It has a lot of cool things for kids to play on. I always love the closeness I feel to nature when visiting this park. It’s pretty well maintained and families can come here to enjoy time together..” – Kristie Keith who rated 3 stars.

“Always busy with people biking, playing tennis, walking their dogs, bringing their kids to play. Parking is sometimes crowded at certain times of the day and on weekends. There are public restrooms kinda small though with an occasional bike rider smoking in the stall. Just once in a while though. Big place to walk and there are picnic tables too.” – Allen Pierson who rated 5 stars

“Nice park, typically fairly quiet and well maintained. People seem to be reasonably respectful and not throw trash everywhere, which is nice. Cans seem to be regularly cleaned out and maintained, the picnic areas seem to always be neat and tidy when not in use. Parking is normally the factor as there are only a limited number of spaces and they fill up quickly. That said there is a lot of in and out so there is always an opportunity to snag a spot. As always, pack it in and pack it out and be respectful of others” – Maggy Marsh who rated 5 stars

Address: 2001 Edgebrook Dr, Modesto, CA

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